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Landscape lighting can add detail and depth to any yard or home. Whether it’s simple path lighting or a custom package consisting of a variety of products, lighting can make a home more safe, secure and beautiful. Upgrade the look of your walkway, exterior, yard or patio. Many options are available, from LED spotlights to floodlights and more. All products are professionally installed and come with a lifetime warranty. Contact your local Pinch A Penny for a FREE design consultation of your outdoor landscape lighting options today!

Pricing and services offered vary by location.

Types of Lights

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Used to illuminate walls, signs, tree canopies and similar applications requiring widespread lighting.
Used for in-ground applications and for uplighting landscaping or architectural features. Flush installation makes it a discrete option producing optimal results.
The perfect way to increase safety, illuminate and decorate path and garden walkways.

Current Offers


8 Light Kit

Installation Included, No Extra Costs!

This kit comes with everything you need for a brighter yard to enhance the beauty and security of your home. Leave the guesswork and professional installation to our experts. We’ll assemble, place and install each light to your liking. Save on landscape lighting with our 8 light kit. Submit a request below!

-Kit includes design, installation, lifetime warranty, 8 ECOPro Spotlights, 8 LED MR16 bulbs, 1 Slim Line Transformer w. Timer/Photocell, cable and connectors.



Demo Kit

Try Before You Buy

Get a feel for landscape lighting with our FREE, 4 light demo kit. One of our Pinch A Penny experts will come and install the demo kit at your home, allowing you to see the difference. Like what you see? When you’re done, we’ll pick up the demo kit and complete a free design consultation of your outdoor landscape lighting options. Submit a request below!

-Demo kit includes 4 ECOPro Spotlights (25’ leads) and transformer.

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